This page is for items that are not strictly websites or finished items for the web. I have created a smattering of icons and logos and posters and other items for print for various employers and clients.

In the olden days, while Network Solutions was still sporting its very cool blue and yellow 'gear world' logo, and before icons were cheap and plentiful on iStockphoto, I designed icons to fill out the set created by the agency. These were prominently placed on the home page. The third one below was also featured in the TV spot about the multilingual service.

I designed them in vector format so that they could be used at just about any size.

Holistic health practitioners need marketing materials too. And they need to look holistic and healing. The client showed me two photos clipped from magazines to set the tone. We're all happy with this logo.

The directors of this sub-defense-contracting software company were sure they needed a crest because the Marines have a crest. If you look closely, you'll see that the outer band of the crest is binary code for something that the engineers thought was pretty funny.

Concert Poster

  • The musicians provided their favorite PR photos, the promoter provided the copy, and I did the layout, typography, a little copy editing, and was the photographer and image manipulator for the blue ridge mountain scene.
  • The posters looked great as 11x17" color laser prints on cork boards around the region.

Band Promo Sheet

  • I used the band's logo and copy and selected from the band's photographs to produce the promo sheet with Illustrator.
  • The PDF was good for a short run, very inexpensive batch of inserts in the band's press kit.

Samples and Specifics

Fundraiser Invitation

Invitation Art
  • The Fundraiser is an annual event with a recurring birdhouse motif.
  • Original illustration created in Adobe Illustrator.
  • See the back.

Trade show Poster

Trade show poster - Make More Money
  • Using the marketing copy provided and Network Solutions corporate colors, I designed piece and prepped for printing as a 24x36" poster for use in a trade show booth.
  • I used Adobe Illustrator to create the final design.
  • The objective was to catch the eye of trade show attendees and get them to talk to booth staff about the program.

Artist's Bio Sheet

  • My electronically challenged friend needed a batch of promotional materials for her delightful original paintings.
  • I photographed her work, did the layout, and edited her copy.
  • The event was a huge success that attracted new clients and brought new fans of her work.