The Web — What's Not to Love?

I've been doing web work and helping to bridge the gap between the technically savvy and the not technically savvy since early 1997.

Recently, I was the guru and manager of the dynamic merchandizing system for domain registrar Network Solutions. I also built landing pages and testing schemas using Google Analytics and Omniture for Network Solutions, enabling the systematic increase of ROI.

As the guru, I gained extensive experience with online banner creation and knowing what works. The awesome thing was being able to set up horse races between ad banners to see which horse crossed the line with the most clicks, and to see whether the most clicks correlated with the most actions.

With the online marketing efforts having become so numerous and so focused, I was able to set up banner and landing page tests that would start and stop at odd hours on their own, separated results by channel, and that self-customized based on URL parameters, and gave online marketing managers more autonomy.

I've also been able to make websites and web pages that make work easier and more efficient for people, such as a front-end searchable database of web banner graphics, employee intranets that make resources easy to find, and a thing that pushes job requisitions from an intranet to an extranet automatically, saving hours of manual labor each week.

At the same time, I've been able to do some design work to create web graphics, web advertisements, and marketing collateral for various organizations, as well as web design and maintenance for some non-profit causes.

I'm looking for new gigs! Check out my resume or Contact me! I'm on LinkedIn and Facebook, and I have imagery of a totally uncommercial nature on

A/B test of landing page

  • Skills and Expertise: PHP, HTML, UNIX
  • Role: Coded solution for 7 custom text replacements for each of 20 Yahoo keywords in PHP. System will work with no loss of speed for 2000 keywords. Coded "splitter" mechanism to randomly sort traffic to page A or B.
  • Objective / Purpose: Test whether keyword insertion buzz phrase works for this brand and service.
  • Results: Page with keyword insertion earned 180% greater revenue than page without.

Samples and Specifics

Landing Page

Landing Page: 25% off hosting
  • Skills and Expertise: HTML, PHP, art direction
  • Role: Originally developed as part of a 50-ad 'predictive home page' project where I provided art direction for the ads, I hand-coded in HTML with CSS and PHP to ensure cross-browser compatibility, consistency with storefront site, tracking and form functionality.
  • Objective / Purpose: Increase sales of hosting service
  • Results: One of best-performing home page banners

Popup Ad

Airline Miles Prgram banner
  • Skills and Expertise: Design, Photoshop, HTML
  • Role: Designed, coded and trafficked the ad as an exit popup for the 'house',
  • Objective / Purpose: Encourage a purchase by pairing it with airline miles.
  • Results: Eye-catching and long-lasting creative.

Tradeshow poster

  • My Role: Using copy provided and Network Solutions corporate colors, designed piece and prepped for printing.
  • Objective / Purpose:
  • Catch the eye of trade show attendees and get them to talk to booth staff about the program.
  • Results: Tradeshow was a success!